As one of the few untapped natural destinations in the world, Guyana has prestine sights, you have to see to believe. Guyana, South America, with it’s rich History, and Hospitable people, offers a remarkable vacation ambience, for the ‘back to nature’, crowd.


Along with its cultural festivals, breathtaking waterfalls, including the world’s highest Waterfall, Kaieteur Falls, exotic Wildlife, Flora/Fauna, and Rainforest. it makes a rare treat!


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Kali Travel is uniquely qualified to organize custom-made tours to satisfy the needs of any type of group, organization or individual and to structure an itinerary appropriate to their specific needs and interests.In fact, when one thinks of Bharat Yatra, Kali Travel inevitably comes in mind …
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Also serving other destinations to the Caribbean, Latin America, The Indian Subcontinent and worldwide…
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