Typing Services (a UNIQUE Typing Service)

We cover the following:

  • Resumes
  • Term Papers
  • College Papers
  • Thesis
  • High School Papers
  • Legal Documents
  • Reports

NOTARY SERVICES (on premises)

Need a notary. Documents to be notarized.


  • etc.

CALL (718) 297-3555

  • CHARTERS – A unique and effective way to plan your next group trip.
  • AIRPORT SERVICES – Car Rentals, Travel Assistance available.
  • CRUISES – If you choose not to Fly, then Cruise through Kali Travel. For arrangements to your favourite destinations by sea, call us today!
  • AMTRAK – This train offers, an efficient and reliable way to see the States. Whether it’s our nation’s Capital, or just a trip up to the Adirondacks. You’re sure to find it on Amtrack. Go Amtrack!
  • HOTELS – A miriad of Hotels for different tastes and budgets. Call now.
  • HONEYMOON – Attention to detail is key when planning your honeymoon. Call us to reserve and plan a package to your needs.
  • RESORTS/SPAS – With the explosion of Resorts and Spas, there are an endless variety to choose from. Whether you prefer a City Loft, or a quaint room with an oceanview, there’s a resort for your taste. Call us today, to discuss your options…
  • TYPING SERVICES – Between Travel Arrangements & Work, we often don’t have time to effectively convey assignments. For this reason, we now offer typing services. Whether its landing that next job, Legal Assignments, Presentations or just finding the time to type that Masters thesis, we can help. Contact Judy at 718-297-3555

Kali Travel and Tours

Kali Travel is uniquely qualified to organize custom-made tours to satisfy the needs of any type of group, organization or individual and to structure an itinerary appropriate to their specific needs and interests.In fact, when one thinks of Bharat Yatra, Kali Travel inevitably comes in mind …
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Caribbean Tourist Hot Spots

  • Guyana
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Suriname
  • Jamaica
  • Barbados

Also serving other destinations to the Caribbean, Latin America, The Indian Subcontinent and worldwide…
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  • Charters
  • Airport Services
  • Cruises
  • Amtrak
  • Hotels
  • Honeymoon
  • Resorts/Spas
  • Typing Services

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